Press Release

Date: 3 November 2012

Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) strongly condemns the recent case of child abuse resulting in the pregnancy of an eleven year old child. ARC calls upon the authorities to utilize all necessary resources to ensure the safety and protection of the child. It is an obligation for us as responsible citizens to protect our children, and it is the Maldivian Governments obligation as a signatory to the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) that all international commitments to protect the rights of all children are adhered to fully. ARC calls upon all concerned authorities as well as private individuals and the media to continue to bear in mind the rights and best interest of the child, and respect her privacy at all times.

ARC takes this opportunity to strongly urge the Government, the Judiciary, and the Peoples Majlis to take action urgently. We reiterate our belief that more effort must be expended to strengthen domestic laws protecting children and to enhance enforcement measures immediately to ensure that those responsible are made accountable and brought to justice.

We also call on the relevant state institutions, civil society and other international entities in the country to take all precautionary measures to prevent violations of childrens rights, protect their safety and well-being, and to maximize their efforts to address comprehensively the issue of the violations of childrens rights in the Maldives.

ARC strongly believes that it is the responsibility of all citizens in society to identify and prevent cases of child abuse, and that the combined efforts by all individuals and institutions is vital in the fight against child abuse.


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