Eat a Rainbow

To get all the nutrients needed for growth and health, children need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables - or we call it ‘Eating a Rainbow’. This is because the different coloured fruits and vegetables have different nutrients in them, and different health benefits.

Benefits of different coloured fruits and vegetables

Red – Helps you have a healthy heart, helps improve your memory function and urinary tract health. Examples: Apples, tomatoes, pomegranate, red peppers and watermelon

Yellow / Orange – Helps your eyesight, promotes healthy skin and a healthy immune system, keeps you from getting colds and infections; and lowers risk of some cancers. Examples: capsicum, carrots, orange, rockmelon, papaya, corn, pumpkin and mango

Purple – Increases calcium absorption for bone growth and helps support digestion, improves circulation, prevents blood clots and promotes anti‐aging. Examples: eggplant, red cabbage and grapes

Green – Helps keep your body healthy, boosts immune system and vision health, lowers blood pressure. Examples: cabbage, beans, lettuce, zucchini, and cucumber, spinach, broccoli

Brown / White – Assists digestion, anti‐viral and bacterial, helps keep your body strong, helps symptoms of tiredness, lowers risk of some cancers. Examples: potato, mushrooms, banana, garlic, ginger and onions