Break the silence on child abuse

Date: 29 January 2015

ARC will today hold a public event in memory of the 3 year old boy who passed away yesterday from severe abuse, in the island of Rakeedhoo in Vaavu Atoll. In the wake of this horrific incident, ARC invites everyone to attend this event and vow to fulfill our individual responsibility to work together to ensure that never again will such an atrocity be committed against children in our country. Every child deserves to grow up in a safe environment, free from abuse, exploitation and violence. It is a moral obligation for all of us to protect children, the most vulnerable members of our society. The event will disseminate information on the important role that each and every one of us can play to protect our children. Children aged 13 and above are also invited to attend the event and will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts on paper against child abuse. A moment of silence will also be observed for the little boy and a prayer will be said for him and all children who continue to suffer from abuse. The event will be held today from 17:00 to 18:00 hrs at the Youth Centre stage area.

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