ARC launches new website to promote its HEAL Campaign for Children

Date: 6 April 2012

ARC has today launched a new educational website for its HEAL Campaign, promoting Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles for children, during a ceremony held at the Zaailing Pre-School 2nd Annual Sports Meet 2012.

The website ( was launched today, to celebrate the World Health Day - 7 April 2012 - and to share the messages of the campaign including specific information for parents, schools and children. The children s interactive section of the website contains fun facts, jokes and riddles, as well as games and colouring pages, while schools and parents will find useful information such as activity ideas for students and healthy meal options for children of different ages.

HEAL Campaign was initiated by ARC in 2011, with help of experts in fields of dietary and lifestyle needs of children. Designed to encourage children to choose healthier food options and get them involved in physically active lifestyles, as well as inform parents, caregivers and teachers on the issue, this campaign involved information sessions for parents of preschoolers, brochures for parents/caregivers as well as a festival for children, that shared key messages of the campaign through fun and educational games and activities. The HEAL website is a further tool for increasing awareness on this issue and to share the messages of the campaign with children, parents and schools throughout the country.

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