Children’s Shelters

ARC’s work with shelters is driven by the purpose of helping children in alternative homes receive the care and support that they need and deserve, to grow up happy and reach their true potential. ARC organizes a variety of capacity building trainings for the careworkers, as well as educational, fun and recreational programmes for the children.

  • Annual Ramazan Collection (which provides an opportunity for the public to donate much needed items to the children)
  • Arts and Crafts Exhibitions (which are powerful demonstrations to people in the country, of what children in shelters can achieve with the right support and opportunities)
  • Stakeholder Conference (which provides a platform for open dialogue between the shelters and line Ministries and establishes mechanism for relevant institutions to share best practices)


Programmes for children

Inspirational Talks, Visiting Doctor Programme, Islam/Quran tuition, English Reading Programme, Life Skills programme, Holiday Swimming Programme, Art Classes, Water Sports, Yoga Classes, Football, Chess and Carrom Camps, Badminton and Zumba etc.


Programmes for caregivers

Parental Effectiveness Training, Staff Development, Play Needs & Environment Preparation, Early Childcare Training, First Aid Training, Kitchen Training, Food Hygiene & Basic Nutrition etc.