Football Association of Maldives (FAM) in partnership with Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) launches “FAM Child Safeguarding Policy”

FAM Child Safeguarding Policy launch

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) in partnership with Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) has launched the “FAM Child Safeguarding Policy” today. The policy was launched by First Lady, H.E. Fazna Ahmed, at a special ceremony held at the National Football Stadium. The policy aims to create a safer environment for children involved in Maldivian football, free from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect or bullying.

FAM Child Safeguarding Policy, an initiative of FAM Foundation, was formulated in line with the laws and regulations of Maldives and the Minimum Standards established by FIFA, in consultation with relevant institutions, clubs, academies and children. The policy ensures an improved structure at FAM to promote accountability and responsibility in keeping children safe from harm when involved in any football activity organized or endorsed by FAM in Maldives or overseas.

The policy focuses on five principles of safeguarding: Best Interest of the Child, the Rights of Children in Football, Non-discrimination, Adult’s Responsibility to Protect Children and the Role and Responsibility of FAM in Protecting Children in Football. The FAM Child Safeguarding policy also provides guidance for coaches, trainers, parents and other staff on how to report and respond to child safeguarding concerns. Under this policy, FAM has already established a “Child Safeguarding Unit” and appointed a “Child Safeguarding Officer”.

Speaking at the event, President of FAM Bassam Adeel Jaleel reaffirmed the commitment of FAM, to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to minimize risks and protect children from abuse, through the safeguarding policy. ARC’s Executive Committee Member Mr Muruthala Moosa expressed hope that the standards set by this policy will enhance children’s enjoyment of the game and improve their performance by ensuring that there is no room for abuse in Maldivian football.

FAM Child Safeguarding Policy is the first nation-wide policy to promote and protect rights of children in sports in a systematic manner. FAM, through its social responsibility programme “FAM Foundation”, will continue working closely with ARC, to roll-out the policy, including launching an Action Plan to implement the Policy as well as designing safeguarding tools to train and educate relevant personnel at FAM, Clubs and Academies on child safeguarding.