“The Rights of Children Photography Exhibition 2014″ Opens Today


The “Rights of Children Photography Exhibition 2014” hosted by Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) was opened this morning at the National Art Gallery by the First Lady of the Maldives, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim commended ARC for its ongoing efforts to promote and protect the rights of the child in the country and acknowledged the greater need to raise awareness on issues concerning children’s welfare. She also urged everyone to intensify efforts to ensure that children in our societies remain protected.

The Exhibition features selected photographs submitted to ARC’s Photography Competition 2014, which was open for public participation from August to October 2014. Zenysha Shaheed Zaki, Executive Director of ARC stated that the themes of the photography competition highlights selected  twelve areas from the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and also expressed appreciation for the wide support received from the public for the competition. The 12 winning photographs will be featured on ARC’s Official Calendar for 2015, from which all proceeds of sales will go towards ARC’s HOPE Campaign against child abuse. The winning photographs noted below, were announced during the opening ceremony and certificates of recognition were awarded to the winners by the First Lady.

  • Cover photo – Miyad Abdul Rahman
  • Theme 1: “Every child has the right to relax, play and make friends with other children” – Aiman Rasheed
  • Theme 2: “Every child has the right to special help if they have been hurt, neglected or mistreated” – Agisa Abdulla
  • Theme 3: “Every child has the right to special help or care, if they have any kind of disability” – Ahmed Ansam
  • Theme 4: “Every child has the right to good healthcare, nutritious food and clean water” – Navall Ahmed
  • Theme 5: “Every child has the right to the best care possible, if they are adopted or in foster care” – Ahmed Rasheed
  • Theme 6: “Every child has the right to be protected from dangerous drugs and their trade” – Raafil  Naseem
  • Theme 7: “Every child has the right to an education that develops their personality and abilities” – Khadeeja Leena
  • Theme 8: “Every child has the right to be protected from being taken advantage of or exploited in any way” – Shifna Saeed
  • Theme 9: “Every child has the right to express their opinions and be listened to, on matters that concern them” -Shifaz Shamoon
  • Theme 10: “Every child has the right to be treated equally and fairly and have their rights respected” -  Anas Mohamed
  • Theme 11: “Every child has the right to feel safe and be protected from abuse or neglect” – Aishath Zarina
  • Theme 12: “Every child has the right to survive, grow up healthy and live a full life” – Sifah Saeed

ARC expresses its deep appreciation to the organizations and businesses that sponsored this exhibition, which includes the National Art Gallery, FDI Station, Reefside Co. Ltd, Cyprea and Asters. The exhibition is currently ongoing at the National Art Gallery, and will be open to public from the 4th to the 7th of November daily, from 1000 hrs to 2300hrs.