ARC launches Surf Sm@rt Campaign in partnership with Dhiraagu and Medianet

launching event photo

ARC takes this opportunity to extend sincere gratitude to Dhiraagu and Medianet for their partnership and support for the Surf Sm@rt campaign for the duration of one year. As part of this campaign, ARC will conduct interactive sessions for students, information sessions for parents and workshops for teachers, as well as a media campaign. This campaign will disseminate easy to remember hints for internet safety, and promotes the message that the Internet is like the ocean – which can be lots of fun, but that safety comes first!

ARC also takes this opportunity to announce that Dhiraagu and Medianet have joined its Corporate Ambassadorship Programme, as “Advocates of Children’s Rights in the Maldives”. This programme was launched by ARC in 2014 to work together with private companies/organizations, in its mission to protect and promote the rights of children in the Maldives.

Talking about the Surf Sm@rt Campaign, Mr Imaz Mohamed, Head of Medianet’s Marketing stated that Medianet is, “always looking forward to giving back to our society and we greatly appreciate this opportunity to do so”.

Corporate Ambassadors provide crucial funds needed to expand ARC’s nationwide awareness campaigns on children’s rights, advocacy efforts and its work with children’s shelters. This programme was launched by ARC in 2014 and provides the opportunity for businesses to partner with ARC to improve the quality of life of children in the Maldives and to help strengthen the child protection system.

Speaking about the Campaign, Ms Bishaara Hameed, Assistant Manager, Marketing Communications of Dhiraagu said, “Child Protection and Support is an important focus area in Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. As the largest internet service provider in Maldives we believe it is crucial to educate children on how to stay safe online. We are very pleased to be partnering with ARC and to have launched this online child safety programme”.

Speaking at the press conference, Ms Zenysha Zaki, Executive Director of ARC said, “In today’s age of technology and smart phones, internet use is very common among children from a very young age and it is ARC’s hope that the Surf Sm@rt Campaign will create awareness for children to stay protected while they learn, share, connect and gain visibility online”.